Patrick Robert Kennedy

Cinematographer | Editor
Lost Nation
the family business

Directed by Jay Craven

USA | 2022 | Fiction | 120 min - in production

An epic tale of Vermont's fight for self-determination, led by Ethan Allen; and Lucy Prince, the first black female poet, and her quest for justice and peace. Directed by Jay Craven.

Below are stills from my work during the production of Lost Nation as 2nd Unit DP / Director, B-cam operator, and pickup shoot DP. Principle photography shot on the Arri Alexa SXT in 3.2K for seven weeks between Nantucket, Northwestern Massachusetts, and Southern Vermont. The lenses were a set of Cooke Speed Panchros with a 1/4 glimmer glass filter. Pickups were shot in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont at 5k on the Red Gemini and the Canon 30-105mm.

Nearing picture lock and generating initial score cues.

Lost Nation IMDB

handheld for action scene using easyrig
philomena operating the arri alexa
family in costume on set
directing the second unit shots
Production Stills
cesar sits pensive
cesar takes aim at redcoats
lucy meets Abanaki at water
pickup shoot of Abanaki at water
wide night shot in woods with torch
night shot in woods with torch
wide shot of standoff on road
full shot of Prince family in wagon
Ethan Allen leads men with torches
Wide of lucy at vermont pond
Sipp and Cesar in battle
Ethan Allen leads men over the Green Mountains
A wagon ride to Norwich